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20.9.2015 Copenhagen Winner 2015, Hilleröd Denmark

Alonso 3,5 years and winning his 13th International All Breed BEST IN SHOW win!!

Alonso BEST IN SHOW at the International Copenhagen Winner Show 2015 with almost 3.400 entries.

Thanks to breed judge Mrs. Mille Bæk, Group judge Mr. Hans Almgren and BIS judge Mr. Peter Machetanz for their huge appreciation of our boy! 

5.9.2015 European Winner 2015, Oslo Norway

Alonso Best Of Breed and European Winner 2015 out of an entry of 96 Bullmastiffs!!

Alonso's daughter Alpine Rose Honey Dynasty won European Junior Winner 2015 (out of 15 junior bitches)

Alonso's son Ali Honey Dynasty won vice European Junior Winner 2015 (out of 18 junior males)

Huge congrats to Viola for winning Best Bitch and European Winner 2015 with Ch Harizma White Honey who is also mother of the two juniors mention above.

Kennel Librrani best breeders class with Alonso, Rudi, Grace and Frida.

Huge thank you to breed judge Mr. Knut Sigurd Wilberg, Norway

Video from the breed ring can be seen HERE!

30.8.2015 Tervakoski International Show, Finland

Alonso ***Res. BEST IN SHOW***

Breed judge Mrs. Helen Tonkson-Koit, EE (Cacib #57)

Group judge Mrs. Ilona Onstenk-Schenk, NL (btw, maybe one of the strongest FCI2 groups I have seen for a while! And judge by the true FCI group2 specialist!)

Bis judge Mrs. Jasna Matejcic, HR

Huge thanks to all the judges for your amazing comments!

Entries 16 in breed and over 2000 all breeds!

photos by Olga Mdivani

22.8.2015 Baltic Winner 2015, Tallinn Estonia

Perfect trip to Tallinn with our youngster.

Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty 'Junnu' new BALTIAN JUNIOR WINNER 2015 and Estonian & Latvian Junior Champion!

Judge Mr. Norman Deschuymere from Belgium

15.-16.8.2015 Bornholm International Shows, Denmark

4th time in Bornholm Int Shows!!!

2013, double 2014 and now 2015, on Sunday Show!!! ALONSO BEST IN SHOW!!!

And under highly respected judge Mr. Ole Staunskjaer!! Breed and Group was judges by Mr. Jens Ramsing!

We REALLY love that island!!

On Saturday Alonso was BIS3 under following judges: breed judge Mrs. Birte Scheel, group judge Mr. Leif-Herman Wilberg and BIS judge Mrs. Barbara Müller!

27.7.2015 Top Dog lists are updated!

Top dog lists are updated!

Alonso is breaking the official breed records on the all breed Top Dog lists in both the Danish and Finnish Kennel Club, where he is currently #1 and #7.

He is also currently #1 in the official breed clubs of both Denmark and Finland.

Needless to say... but we are so so proud of him and can't wait to see what the rest of the year will bring for him!

26.7.2015 Mikkeli International Show, Finland

Rain, rain and little bit more rain..but we enjoyed it!

Mikkeli International Show in Finland today with more than 2200 entries all breeds..


Huge thanks to judges! Breed & Group Mrs.Jasna Matejcic from Croatia and Bis Mr. Paavo Mattila from Finland!

Congrats for BOS to Johanna and Ch All Heroes Peppermint Patty

18.-19.7.2015 Kemi International Show, Finland

10 months old "Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty" was at his first official show in Finland got his first CC and was 2nd Best Male, only beaten by his father!

Daddy Alonso was Best Of Breed with Cacib and ended up Winner Of The Group and Res.BEST IN SHOW!! Judged by breed and group Mr. Carsten Birk and bis Mr. Harto Stockmari.

Special thanks to Carsten Birk for the wonderful critics, we really appreciate them high!

Junior: "Good size. Very balanced 10 months old. Exc square skull. Good broad muzzle. Good stop. Well carried ears with acceptable size. Nice dark eyes. Good mask & wrinkles. Strong neck & back. Straight, strong front. Good spring of ribs. Powerful movement. Exc coat & color. Good character."

Alonso: "Exc breed type & attitude. Very balanced. Good substance. Strong muzzle of good lenght. Proud head carriage. Exc neck, withers & back. Strong straight front. Good rear angulations & lenght of tail. Exc coat & color. Moves with exc drive & determination. Powerful rear. Exc character. Well presented."

photos Tiina Paunimo

11.-12.7.2015 Oulu Double International Shows, Finland

1st day Alonso BM2 Res.Cacib, judge Mr. Antonio Di Lorenzo, Norway

2nd day Alonso Best Of Breed with Cacib, judge Mr. Ruiz Rodriguez Francisco

4.-5.7.2015 Pärnu Double International Shows, Estonia

photo by Johanna Kuru

Little 9 months old Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty kicked us with the results!

Jr won both days junior class, got Jun-CAC's, won all the males and became BOS. More than proud of his start at official classes!!

Judges Mr. Vadum Katsnelson from Ukraine and Helin Tenson from Finland.

28.6.2015 Finnish National Specialty, Finland

entries in breed 107

judge by Mr. Billy Brittle, UK

ALONSO BEST MALE and BOS!! More pics on Alonso's facebook album.

Alonso was also awarded as Best Bullmastiff Male in Finland 2014 after the Specialty show. And he won the competition which was arranged to the all the Top Dogs from 2014 of different Mastiff breeds in our club. That competition was judged by Mr. Stefan Sinko, SLO. More than happy!!!

27.6.2015 Latvian Winner 2015, Riga

Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty LATVIAN JUNIOR WINNER, Jun-CAC and Bm3

Judge Mr. Hans Bierwolf, Austria

20.-21.6.2015 Vejen Double International Shows, Denmark


1st day BOB, Cacib and BIG2

Judges: breed Mr. Mrs. Inese Pablaka, LV and group Mr. Joao Vasco Poças, PT 

2nd day BOB, Cacib, Crufts Qualification, BIG1 and BEST IN SHOW

Judges: breed and group Mr. Guenther Ehrenreich, Austria and bis Mr. Sean Delmar, IRL

30.5.2015 Estonian Winner 2015

Judge Mr. Jeff Luscott, UK

Alonso BEST OF BREED, Cacib and Estonian Winner 2015

(BOS Bullberry Carrera)


(BOS-Puppy Remarkabull G G)

photos Johanna Kuru

14.5.2015 Vantaa All Breed Puppy Show, Finland

Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty BOB-Puppy BIG4-Puppy

Judge Mr. Nina Janger, Finland

photo Maija Jyrkkä

10.5.2015 Lahti All Breed Puppy Show, Finland

Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty BOB-Puppy

Judge Mr. Jouni Nummela, Finland

25.-26.4.2015 Roskilde Double International Shows, Denmark


1st day BOB, Cacib and BIG1

Judges: breed Mr. Rony Doedjins, NL and group Mr. Jose Vidal Montero, Spain

2nd day BOB, Cacib, BIG1 and BEST IN SHOW

Judges: breed and bis Mr. Espen Engh, Norway and group Mr.  Luis Pinto Texeira, Portugal

5.4.2015 Lappeenranta All Breeds Show, Finland

Alonso BOB and BIG4!

Breed judge Mr. Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania

Group judge Mr. Jens Ramsing, Denmark

(BOS Aatoksen Santa Rosa)

29.3.2015 Turku International Show, Finland

(total entry over 4000 dogs)

Alonso Best In Show 3rd

Thank you for the judges:

Breed specialist Marit Sunde Norway/Denmark

Group Liliane De Ridder Onghena, Belgium

Bis Partha Sekhar Chatterjee, India

photo by TEXTerri

22.3.2015 Jyväskylä All Breed Puppyshow

Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty Best Of Breed -Puppy and Best In Group 2nd

Judge Mr. Kimmo Mustonen, FI

15.2.2015 Tallinn International Show, Tallinn Winter Cup, Estonia

This time we head to have valentines day at Tallinn with Aili and Junior.

Aili (Nimik Spanish Eyes) hit the ring after 1,5 years break. Little old lady did it with style and ended ChExc2 BB3! That energy and joy of showing is still there! Judge Mr. Zeljko Gajic, SL

Little Jr. also practice now first time in all breeds show. And cannot be more than proud of our little BIS2 -Baby!!

Breed judge Mr. Eugene Yerusalimsky, RU

Bis -baby judge Mr. Matti Tuominen, FI

Photos by Hanna Leinonen

1.2.2015 Mastiff Winner, Estonian Specialty, Tallinn

Mastiff breeds main Specialty 2015 at Estonia, 11 mastiff breeds and we attend with babies and veteran.

Bullmastiff breed judge Pietro Marino, Italy

Bis judge Calin Simu, Romania

photos Maija Jyrkkä


CIB Ch Bullgrin's Double Trouble 'Saimi' (8,5 years)

owned by Bullgrin's & Marianne Granlund


Alonso Junior Honey Dynasty (4,5 months)

owned by Bullgrin's & Viivi Alaluusua

BOS -Baby

Alpha O'Bullgrin Honey Dynasty (4,5 months)

owned by Bullgrin's & Maija Jyrkkä

01/2015 Muistola, Powered by Royal Canin

25.1.2015 Turku International, Finland


Breed entries 36 and total entries all breeds over 4.100!!

breed judge Mr. Simon Rooney, IR

group judge Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, FI

bis judge Mr. Tino Pehar, HR

I also get honored to handle Saimi (Ch Bullgrin's Double Trouble) to BOB-Veteran and BB4. She was also shortlisted among top 8 veterans in all breeds bis-finals!

10.1.2015 Kajaani International, Finland

Alonso BOB with Cacib and Best In Group!

Breed judge Mr. Waldemar Mroviek, Poland

Group judge Mr. Pedro Sanches Delerue, PT

(entries over 3.600)

photo Anna Huusko

29.11.2014 Best In Speciality Show, Denmark

Alonso Best In Speciality Show at Danish Bullmastiff Club's Christmas Speciality!

Judge Mr. Bo Lasthein Andersen, DK

And after the show Alonso was awarded as TOP MALE at the Danish Bullmastiff Club 2014!! What a journey we have had in Denmark, thank you all our friends!

16.11.2014 Nordic Winner Show 2014


Breed entries 35 and total entries all breeds over 7000!!

breed judge Mr. Jeff Luscott, UK

group judge Mr. Jose Vidal Montero, Italy

bis judge Mr. Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark

Huge thanks for the photo Deya Photography / Jadranka Mijatovic!

14.11.2014 Norway Winner Show 2014


Breed entries 35 and total entries all breeds over 6700!!

breed judge Mr. Adrian Landarte, Uruguay

group judge Mr. Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark

bis judge Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

Huge thanks for the photo Deya Photography / Jadranka Mijatovic!

My soulmate, my everything, Alonso


'Delighted to have the opportunity to judge this one,

I have judged the breed since 1969 and this one ranks with the best that I have judged at home in the UK and in many other countries,

his head properties, athleticism and power and strength are exactly what the breed standard requires.

A dog that can top the breed and win groups anywhere in the world.''

- Mr. Ronald W James, UK, veterinary and breed specialist judge (breed judge at Jyväskylä Int. Show 11/2014)


photo TEXTerri

8.11.2014 Jyväskylä Int. Show, Finland

Fantastic day at huuuuge Jyväskylä Int. Show, Finland (entries 5200)! 

Alonso BOB with Cacib (#40) under Mr. Ronald W James, UK (breed entries 18)

And finally in big ring our boy REALLY enjoyed all the chearing from the audience and ended up Best In Group 2nd under Mrs. Barbara Müller, Switzerland!! (entries in group FCI2 over 800!)

Thank you Mikko Marttinen for capturing our waiting moment from the big ring!

1.-2.11.2014 DOUBLE Best In Show -winner at Herning Int. Shows Danish Winner 2014

What a weekend! How can I even believe it, maybe still dreaming..Or maybe this happends, when you just expect nothing less than High Performance!

ALONSO DOUBLE BEST IN SHOW -winner at the biggest shows in Denmark 2014!

(pics & design Maija Jyrkkä)

Two international shows in Herning, including Danish Winner 2014. (Dogs entered 1st day more than 3700 and 2nd day more than 4000). And the cherry of the cake: Alonso is now confirmed #2 TOP DOG ALL BREEDS IN DENMARK 2014. Sooooo proud!! As Alonso has been showed this year in both of his home countries, he is currently also #1 Bullmastiff in the both breed clubs, Finland and Denmark 2014! And #15 Top Dog All Breeds in Finland 2014.

Thank all our supporters, friends, families and everyone who has trusted on us! Your cheering has been really amazing!! And huge thank you to the judges who had valued our boy so highly!

1st day judges:

breed Mr. Rony Doedijns, Holland

group Mrs. Olga Sinko, Slovenia

bis Mr. Tamas Jakkel, Hungary

2nd day judges, Danish Winner:

breed Mr. Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

group Mr. John Muldoon, Irland

bis Mr. Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

♦♦  VIDEO (click) from Danish Winner 2014, Herning Int 11/2014, BIG & BIS  ♦♦

♦♦  VIDEO (click) from Herning Int 11/2014, BIG & BIS  ♦♦

28.10.2014 Top Dog update

Currently situation:

Alonso is now #1 at TOP BULLMASTIFF 2014 competition in both breed clubs of his home countries (Finland & Denmark)!!

This competition ends at the end of the year.

He is also now # 2 TOP winning show dog in Denmark (all breeds) in 2014 (# 1 from FCI group 2) !!

And he is also # 15 TOP winning show dog in Finland (all breeds) in 2014 (# 3 from FCI group 2)

28.9.2014 Eckerö International Show

photo by Maija Jyrkkä

BIG2 BOB Cacib (#37): BIS BISS CIB Ch Librrani's High Performance Alonso

BOS Cacib CC FI Ch: Ch Bohlby Orange Blossom

breed judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg, Sweden

group judge Paul Lawless, Ireland

20.9.2014 Copenhagen Winner 2014, Denmark

Alonso BEST OF BREED with Cacib (#36) and new title Copenhagen Winner 2014, judged by Mr. Tino Pehar, Croatia.

Later in the evening Librrani Bullmastiffs won the BEST IN SHOW breeder competition and Alonso became 3rd Best In Group!

11.9.2014 Alonso became father!!

Alonso has became father to the nine healthy puppies. Mother is super sweet and really beautiful Harizma from Latvia.

Huge congrats kennel Honey Dynasty!!


Design by Arfa Studio

16.-17.8.2014 Bornholm International Shows, Denmark

ALONSO MADE HAT TRICK !! Last year he gained his first International Dog Show Best In Show win at Bornholm and this year Bornholm was even more nice to us!

Alonso Double BEST IN SHOW-winner at Bornholm International Shows 2014!!

1st Day

BIS BIG BOB Cacib (#34)

judges: Mr. Jørgen Hindse & Mrs. Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

2nd Day

BIS BIG BOB Cacib (#35)

judges: Mr. Kurt Nilsson & Mrs. Annette Bystrup

HERE you will find the Article in DogWorld about the show!

7.-10.8.2014 WDS week

What a memorable week with nice people and nice dogs!

In speciality show Alonso was BM2 and in WDS he was 3rd in Champion Class. 

HERE you can see short video of Alonso in WDS!

1.-3.8.2014 Kuopio triple Int. Shows, SawoShow


photo AlfaFoto

Librrani's High Performance Alonso:

1st day: BM2 R.Cacib (judge Mrs. Marianne Holm, Finland)

2nd day: BOB Cacib (#32) (judge Mrs. Myriam Vermeire, Belgium)

3rd day: BIG3 BOB Cacib (#33) (breed judge Mrs. Liliane De Ridder Onghena, Belgium and group judge Mr. Massimo Inzoli, Italy)

BOS all days, WW-14 Ch Librrani I Am Miss July 'Bridget' 

photos by Maija Jyrkkä

24.-27.7.2014 Split 4summer night shows, Croatia

"Get rid of your fears and dare to look success in the eye!"

I have wanted to go to Split summer shows for few years and finally our boy made it possible!

Librrani's High Performance Alonso was 3 x BEST OF BREED with CC and one time BM2 with R. Cacib and CC. He  also gained new champion title (#14): Croatian Champion!! Breed entries all days 16-18, bullmastiffs was one of the biggest breeds in those shows.

1st day BOB CC: Judged by Mr. Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, RO (photo Maija Jyrkkä)

2nd day BOB Cacib (#31) CC: Judged by Mrs. Lesley Chalmers, New Zeland (photo Maija Jyrkkä)

3rd day BOB CC: Judged by Mr. Zlatko Kraljic, Croatia (photo Maija Jyrkkä)

Amazing trip with amazing friends! Thank you Maija, Jaana and Heme! 

19.7.2014 Ristiina All Breeds Show

Best In Group 3rd and BOB: Librrani's High Performance Alonso 

Judged by the breed specialist Jari Laakso!! This win meant so much to me as Jari Laakso is one of the absolutely most respected judge in our breed here in Finland!

12.7.2014 Oulu International Show

Best In Group 3rd BOB Cacib: Librrani's High Performance Alonso 

This was Alonso's Cacib # 30!!!

breed judge Mrs. Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland

group judge Mr. Shaun Watson, Cypros

photo by TEXTerri

6.7.2014 Karjaa All breeds Show

BEST IN SHOW 4th, Best In Group BOB Cacib: Librrani's High Performance Alonso 

breed judge Mrs. Helen Kasuk-Tenson, estonia

group judge Mrs. Petra Junehall, Sweden

bis judge Mr. Claudio de Giuliani, Italy

photos by Kirsi Aalto / Whiptails Photography

design by Librrani

21.-22.6.2014 Vejen International Shows, Denmark

1st day: BOS Cacib International Champion*: Librrani's High Performance Alonso (judge Mr. Joao Vasco Pocas, Portugal)

2nd day: BEST IN SHOW 4th, Best In Group BOB Cacib: Librrani's High Performance Alonso (breed & group judge Mr. Jochen Eberhardt, Germany, bis judge Mrs. Hanne Laine-Jensen, Denmark)

And also Librrani Breeders group BIS3 judged by Mr. Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden. Currently #2 TOP winning breeders in Denmark 2014 all breeds!!

photos by Librrani

15.6.2014 Kotka International Show

BEST IN SHOW, Best In Group BOB Cacib: Librrani's High Performance Alonso !!!!!

breed judge Mr. Rune Lysgaard, Norway

group judge Mr. Pedroe Sanches Delerue, Portugal

bis judge Mr. Hans van den Berg, Netherlands

photos by Pasada

8.6.2014 Lahti Group Show

BEST IN SHOW, Best In Group BOB: Librrani's High Performance Alonso

judged by Mrs. Kirsi Tevalin (breed), Mr. Matti Luoso (group), Mrs. Marja Talvitie (bis)

Critic from breed ring in finish: "Tyypiltään erinomainen, vielä nuori uros. Erinomainen raajaluusto. Hieno rungon tilavuus ja kauniit ääriviivat. Hyvin kulmautunut edestä, melko voimakkaasti takaa, mutta hienossa tasapainossa. Erinomainen hyväilmeinen pää, täyteläinen kuono-osa, kulmikas syvä kallo. Erinomaiset liikkeet."

Next photos by Taina Nygård



7.6.2014 Mänttä Group Show

Best In Group BOB: Librrani's High Performance Alonso

judged by Mrs. Soile Bister, Finland

photos by DogXpress

31.5.2014 Estonian Winner 2014, Tallinn

BIG2 BOB Cacib CC EEW-14 Balt CH EE CH: Librrani's High Performance Alonso

BOS Cacib CC EEW-14 EE CH: Bullgrin's Madame Butterfly

breed judge: Mr. Branislav Rajic, Slovenia & group judge: Mrs. Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar, Poland

Photos by Ivi-Triin

18.5.2014 Riihimäki Group Show

BOB Librrani's High Performance Alonso

BOS Bullgrin's Madame Butterfly

judged by Mr. Piotr Krol, Poland

17.5.2014 Swedish Speciality Show

BISS Best Of Breed CC: Librrani's I Riski't All

BOS CC: Librrani's I Am Miss July

BM3: Librrani's High Performance Alonso

judged by Mrs. Barbara Walsh, USA

photos by Librrani

Individually unique, together complete!

Photos by Wiegaarden

Design by Librrani

10-11.5.2014 Roskilde International Shows, Denmark

photos by Librrani

1st day:

Best Of Breed with Cacib: BISS BIS CH Librrani's High Performance Alonso

Best In Show 3th - breeder, Best Of Breed -breeder: Librrani

breed judge: Mr. Vincent O'Brien, Ireland, BIS-breeder judge: Mr. Andrew Beare, Ireland

2nd day:

BEST IN SHOW!!! BEST IN GROUP!!! Best Of Breed with Cacib: BISS BIS CH Librrani's High Performance Alonso

BEST IN SHOW - breeder: Librrani

breed judge: Mr. Bela Siksoli, Hungary, group judge: Mr. Vincent O'Brien, Ireland, BIS-judge: Mrs. Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium, BIS-breeder judge: Mr. Gunnar Nyman, Denmark

From the danish news-site dogs.dk (hunden.dk) !!

Bullmastiff conquers at Roskilde
Today's victory at the Danish Kennel Club's international show went to a Danish bred and Finnish co-owned bullmastiff.
The two year old bullmastiff Librrani's High Performance Alonso won Best in Show at the Kennel Club's international show in Roskilde. The dog is bred by Imran Durrani and Mette Libstrup Sørensen, Kennel Librrani, and since last year he has been co-owned by the Finnish Satu Timlin and Viivi Alaluusua. The dog lives with the latter. Viivi does not want to breed but loves showing and is co-owner of a handful of dogs, which she shows.

In addition to being Nordic, Danish and Finnish Champion Librrani 's High Performance Alonso is also champion in seven other countries. He has been shown at a number of exhibitions in Denmark and was also Best in Show on the international show on Bornholm last year. At the Danish TOP dog competition in 2013, he took 11th place, while his half-brother Librrani's Freestyle Tango took 3rd place.
Librrani's High Performance Alonso was also a part of Librranis breeding group, which won Best in show.

Imran Durrani and Mette Libstrup Sørensen have had Bullmastiffs for 14 years and had their first litter 11 years ago. Their breeding is not particularly extensive - 10 litters/approx. 60 puppies - but based on a rather exclusive breeding primarily including French, American, UK and Finnish lines.
Imran and Mette has five dogs at home while they have about 20 co-owned dogs living with different families.

Other BIS results:
no. 2 Pharaoh Hound Faouziah 's Faramir owned by Jenny Hall, Sweden
no. 3 Kerry Blue Terrier Shyloch Qosmos owned by Helge Kvivesen, Norway
no. 4 Puli Bubbleton Feel The Spirit owned by Steen Vonge, Denmark



4.5.2014 Harjavalta Group Show

Photos by Maija Jyrkkä

Best Of Breed: BISS BIS CH Librrani's High Performance Alonso

Best Of Opposite Fi Ch: O'kiss to Absolut is Dvariskiu

judge: Mr. Csaba Zsolt Lokodi, Romania


27.4.2014 Vaasa International Show

Best Of Breed with Cacib and CC: BIS BISS CH Librrani's High Perfomance Alonso

Best Of Opposite with Cacib: CH Bullgrin's Madame Butterfly

judge: Mr. Olli Kokkonen, Finland

(Photo Maija Jyrkkä)


26.4.2014 Lahti International Show

Photos by Maija Jyrkkä

Best In Group & Best Of Breed with Cacib: BIS BISS CH Librrani's High Perfomance Alonso

Best Of Opposite with Cacib and CC and new Finnish & Swedish Champion: Bullgrin's Madame Butterfly

Breed judge: Mr. Harri Lehkonen, Finland
Group judge: Mr. John R Walsh, Ireland


20.4.2014 Stockholm International Show, Sweden

Best In Group 2nd, Best Of Breed with Cacib and CC and new Swedish Champion: BIS BISS CH Librrani's High Perfomance Alonso

Best Of Opposite with Cacib and CC: Bullgrin's Madame Butterfly

Breed judge: Mrs. Birgitte Schjøth, Denmark
Group judge: Mrs. Janet Lobb, Canada


29.3.2014 Kemijärvi Group Show

Best Of Breed: BIS BISS CH Librrani's High Perfomance Alonso

Best Of Opposite CC: Bullgrin's Madame Butterfly

judge: Mrs. Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland


18.3.2014 Mommy is back home!

We got our lovely mommy back home. Aili had been super mom for five little puppies at kennel Taxgemena. Now the puppies are old enough and Aili came finally back to us. Some weeks training and I think she is ready to some action and shows soon ;)


6.3.2014 Crufts, Birmingham UK

First time ever in the ring at Crufts..gosh I had fun time and we enjoyed every moment with our boy ♥ Proud how he showed himself again and was shortlisted in open class. Huge congrats for 'our' uncle Jeff about BOB!!

Pics are taken by Greetje Kroes, huge thanks!! 

From the left to the right, dad Bram, uncle Jeff (BOB at Crufts) and son Alonso.

1.3.2014 New board member, SuKoKa

I was just selected to the board member of Finnish Dog Breeder's Association for the next 3 years (Sukoka)!!

Thank you all for your support and trust!

23.2.2014 Jyväskylä International Show

BISS BIS Ch Librrani's High Performance Alonso BOS BEST MALE Cacib CC !! 

judged by Mrs. Irina Poletaeva
Three days after age limit of 2 years our boy gained with this CC six new champion titles: NORDIC, FINNISH, DANISH, NORWEGIAN, LITHUANIAN and RUSSIAN!! More than happy and proud!
Thanks Maija for the amazing trip again!

photo Maija Jyrkkä

16.2.2014 Tuusniemi Group Show

Well well well..BISS BIS CH Librrani's High Performance Alonso BEST OF BREED at Tuusniemi today and got his 28th CC ;)

Judged by Mr. Manuel Borges Loureiro, Portugal: ''Very nice type with beautiful head and expression. Excellent neck and topline. Good front. Excellent proportions. Good angulations. Beautiful mover.''
And said we made it easy for him to choose ;) Happy!
Thank you Timo for the super company during the trip!

8.2.2014 Fredericia International Show, Denmark

BISS BIS CH Librrani's High Performance Alonso: BM2 Res.Cacib and CC

And what a fantastic trip we had again at Librrani Land!

1.2.2014 Champions Of Champion & Vetarans Of Veteran 2014 InvitationGala Show

May I introduce 2nd youngest participant in the whole gala and his super team ♥
BISS BIS CH Librrani's High Performance Alonso

Invitation gala show for the Top Winners in Finland 2013!

Thank you dear friends for the lovely gala night! And huge congrats for the winners!!

All the photos by Juulia Salonen

27.1.2014 Aili became mom!

Aili became mom of five beautiful long noses at kennel Taxgemena. Litter was made by double mating with Taxwurst Boomerang and Taxgemena Back in Black.

There came puppies from both dads and all are healthy and stunning! More info from kennel Taxgemena.

19.1.2014 Turku International Show

What day at Turku International show (entries: 33 bullmastiffs, more than 4.400 all breeds)!! Our young boy was on fire again!!
BIS BISS Ch. Librrani's High Performance Alonso started from the intermediate class, won the BEST OF BREED with his 19th Cacib and 26th CC, continued by winning BEST IN GROUP and ended up BEST IN SHOW 3rd!! 
Thank you judges for appreciating our boy: breed judge Mr. John Jr Walsh Ireland, group judge Mrs. Maite Gonzalbo Spain and bis judge Mr. Harri Lehkonen Finland.

photo: MyShot / Marko Tuominiemi

5.1.2014 Mastiff Winner 2014, Speciality Show in Estonia

Speciality Show in Estonia, Mastiff Winner 2014

(141 entries in mastiff breeds )

BIS Ch Librrani's High Performance Alonso BEST IN SHOW!!! BISS BOB CC!!

We are over the moon!!!

Judged by mastiff specialist, Mr. Jari Laakso!

28.12.2013 Russia National Show, Pskov

BIS Ch Librrani's High Performance Alonso: ChExc1, BM1, BEST OF BREED with Russian CC!!

judge Mr. Nikolay Sedykh, Russia

Finnish Dog Breeder's Annual 2013

Design by Marko Tuominiemi / MyShot

Photos by Marko Tuominiemi / MyShot, Librrani and Olga Mdivani

13.-15.12.2013 Helsinki, Nordic and Finnish Winner 2013 International Shows

Alonso's results during the weekend were Best Male 4th IntExc1 CQ, Best Male 3rd R.CC IntExc1 CQ and IntExc2.

The Princess and the Stra of the weekend was 17 months old Bridget!!

She took 6 new titles, Junior Winner and Winner titles from all three days, won bitches every day and also on friday got BEST IN GROUP 2nd!! Gosh we really rocked with that girl! Huge thanks and congrats to the owner Satu Timlin!

photo Mikko Marttinen / kuvauksellista.com

photo kennelliitto.fi

New video of Alonso is out now!!

made by Librrani

VIDEO!! (click)

8.12.2013 Swedish Winner 2013 International Show, Stockholm Sweden

Alonso: Winner of Champion Class, 2nd Best Male with CC and Cacib, judged by Mr. David Ojalvo, Argentina

Bridget (JCh Librrani's I Am Miss July) was again with us and she kept her promise again ;) Bridget won the junior class and got title Swedish Junior Winner 2013 BUT ALSO continued to win all the bitches and final result was BOS with CC and Swedish Winner 2013 title!!

30.11.2013 Danish Bullmastiff Club Xmas Speciality Show, Denmark

As I have not travel with Alonso enough I went on Alonso's free weekend to Danish Speciality show with Bridget. Bridget as named Librrani's I Am Miss July, is owned with Satu Timlin / kennel Bullgrin's and will travel with us in the future quite often I think ;)

And well..little junior girls smashed it out and ended up BOS, Best Bitch with CC and JunCC and became Danish Club Junior Champion!

One the top moment during the trip was Season ending parties at Librrani Land and also my sweet dreams with Miss Wonderfull..aka Trouble, the Best mom ever!!! Thank you again for everything Mette and Imran!

23.-24.11.2013 Minsk International Shows, Belarus

And we can be so so proud again!

Alonso gained Best In Group 2nd, 2 x Best Of Breed, 2 x Cacib, 2 x CC and became new Belarus Champion!!

judged by Mr. Tino Pehar, Kroatia and Mrs. Irina Azen, Belarus

16.11.2013 Norway Winner 2013 International Show, Lilleström

Alonso: Winner of Intermediate Class, 2nd Best Male with CC and Res. Cacib, judged by Mr. Paul Stanton, Sweden

9.-10.11.2013 Baltic Winner 2013 Riga, Latvia

Alonso blew up the bomb and ended up BEST IN SHOW 5th at Baltic Winner 2013 International Show in Riga!!

First he became Best Of Breed with Baltic Winner 2013 title and Cacib, judged by Mr. Franki Leung, Honk Kong

Group win came with style, judged by Mr. Massimo Inzoli, Italy and BIS was judges by Mr. George Schogol, Georgia

photo Henni Lehtiranta

# 11 Danish all breed Top Dog competition 2013

design by Maija Jyrkkä / photos by Librrani

12.-13.10.2013 Latvia and Lithuania all breeds shows

This was the first time we visit to Baltic country shows with Alonso and here are the results!

Valmiera, Latvia:

Best Male with LV CC and new Latvian Champion!!

Siauliai/Radviliskis, Lithuania:

Best In Group 2nd, Best Of Breed with LT CC!

As I do not have pics from that trip I will add here two gorgeous advertise I got as a surprise from Maija Jyrkkä!

Thank you so so much dear Maija!! Pics on the ad's are taken by Mikko Marttinen, Librrani and Olga Mdivani.

29.9.2013 Eckerö International Show, Åland

photo: Maija Jyrkkä

Super nice weekend trip to beautiful Åland and start on indoor show season. Thank Peggy and Maija for the best company!

Alonso rocked again and the result under judge Mr. Karl-Erik Johansson, Sweden, was Best Of Breed with Cacib and CC. This Cacib was Alonso's 11th!

15.9.2013 Porvoo all breeds show

photo: Marko Tuominiemi / MyShot

BEST IN GROUP 3rd, Best Of Breed with CC

Librrani's High Performance Alonso

(18 months)

breed judge: Mrs. Laura Campion, Irland

group judge: moloss specialist Mr. Sergio Gual Fournier, Spain


photos: Maija Jyrkkä & Olga Mdivani

7.-8.9.2013 Dracula Golden Trophy Shows at Romania

We entered two dogs to three shows and we got two BEST OF BREED result from each three shows!! Alonso also won the group under Mr. Petru Muntean at the first show!

So we got what we wanted! Alonso and Aili both became Romanian Champion, Romanian Grand Champion, took 2 Cacib's and got Cruft's Qualification! Wuhuu!

photo: Christian Stefanescu

19.8.2013 Photo shoot in Denmark by Librrani

Mette and Imran took a change on our trip and took some really nice pics about our golden BIS boy! Here Alonso just under 18 months.

Now he have got 8 Cacib's and 10 CC's both from three different country (FI, DK and NO).



19.8.2013 Tracking test in Malmö, Sweden


Aili and Lassi started to train tracking this summer and between our Denmark trip they took part to the test in Malmö. Test was open class track (Öppet class) and THEY DID IT WITH GOOD POINTS!! Result Öppet1!!

Can we be more proud??!! Beauty dog can also work! Huge thanks for your training support Juhana, Michael, Anu and Jari!

18.8.2013 Bornholm International Show, Denmark


Alonso made history in Denmark!! I think never before has bullmastiff been BIS at Denmark <3 <3 And the age was still under 18 months!!

BEST IN SHOW, BEST IN GROUP, BOB Cacib CC Librrani's High Performance Alonso !!!!

breed judge Mr. Ulf Bråthen (DK)

group judge Mr. Jørgen Hindse (DK)

best in show judge Mr. Petru Muntean (RO)

What a trip!!

Aili, Ch Nimik Spanish Eyes: ChExc1 CQ BB2 R.Cacib

17.8.2013 Bornholm International Show, Denmark


BEST IN GROUP 2nd !!! BOB Cacib CC Librrani's High Performance Alonso

BOS CC Librrani's I Am Miss July

breed judge Mrs. Petra Junehall from Sweden

group judge Mrs. Birgitte Schjøth from Denmark

Aili, Ch Nimik Spanish Eyes: ChExc1 CQ BB3

7.8.2013 All breeds match show, Helsinki

Cannot believe it, two days in a row!! We attend again to the all breeds match show organized by Helsinki Kennel Club (almost 200 dogs).

Alonso won first big size (over 40cm) breeds judged by Säde Hohteri and then went finally up to BEST IN SHOW under mastiff breeder Heidi Rubin and real FCI show judges Säde Hohteri, Kimmo Mustonen and Marja Kurittu!!  So so happy proud, more Royal Canin food to our little boy!

6.8.2013 All breeds match show, Helsinki

After little while we attend again to the  all breeds match show organized by Helsinki Kennel Club's Youth Chamber (almost 200 dogs).

Alonso won first big size (over 40cm) breeds judged by Marianne Holm and then went finally BEST IN SHOW under real FCI show judges Marianne Holm, Marja Talvitie and Maija Mäkinen!!  Wuhuu, boy earned again his monthly Royal Canin foods! I am so happy and proud! I'm lovin it ;)

3.8.2013 Iisalmi International show

photos Hannu Heinonen & Alise Kajula

I entered two dogs and got two group placement!! Can I be more proud!?!

3 weeks, 3 international shows in Finland and 3 group placement for 17 months old Alonso!! So happy!

'Aili' Ch Nimik Spanish Eyes: 3rd Best In Group, Best Of Breed with Cacib !!

Aili was judged by Hans Almgren, Sweden: ''En tik some vet att använda sin kropp och sina ben som arbetsredskap. Mycket vacker silhouett. Bra silhouette. Härlig silhouett. Sund i stående, såväl i rörelse. Vacker vällsätt hals. Utmärkt ben står med framåtriktande tassar. Djup svart pigment. Glad och trevlig. Lång bröstkorg. Hon lyser i ring.'' :D :D

'Alonso' Librrani's High Performance Alonso 4th Best In Group, Best Of Breed with CC and Cacib !! Judged by the highly respected judge Elina Haapaniemi, Finland. (BOS was Chalfs Miss Remarkabull)

26.-28.7.2013 Helsinki International show, Eukanuba Show

'Aili' Ch Nimik Spanish Eyes: ChExc1 CQ BB4, judge Espen Engh, Norway

'Alonso' Librrani's High Performance Alonso BEST OF BREED with CC and Cacib.....AND.....BEST IN GROUP! Over 2600 dogs entered.

breed judge Marie Petersen, Denmark and group judge Yana Gavrilova, Russia

20.7.2013 Ylivieska International show

We took night train trip to Ylivieska with Alonso. He was such a good travel company and need to use trains in the future also. So easy and relaxing  way to travel when the company is that good!

And the results were even more better !!!!!

Librrani's High Perfomance Alonso (17 months) photo Satu Rytkönen

BEST OF BREED with CC and Cacib

judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland

and continued also...

BEST IN GROUP 2nd by the judge Petra Junehall from Sweden

photos Hannu Heinonen

13.-14.7.2013 Oulu Double International shows

photo Susanne Staal


Saturday: ChExc1 CQ BB1 Best Of Breed Cacib !!! judge Calin Simu, Romania

Sunday: ChExc2 CQ BB2 Res.Cacib judge Sigrid Jarmer, Republik Österreich

photo Mikko Marttinen


Saturday: IntExc1 CQ BM1 Best Of Breed CC Cacib !!! judge Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Finland

Sunday: IntExc1 judge Harto Stockmari, Finland

7.7.2013 Laukaa group show

What a day at Laukaa and the one and only world famous Hans Lehtinen judging bullmastiffs!! 

ONLY two CQ's: Librrani's I Of The Tiger 'Rudi' JunExc1 CQ BM1 CC BOB BIG2! and Librrani's High Performance Alonso 'Alonso' IntExc1 CQ BM2 Res.CC !!!

Love our team! Thank you Marinka and Rudi for amazing trip!

Sunday time after the show!

29.-30.6.2013 Hämeenlinna Nat.

This weekend we chilled out at our own summer cottage. Have not had time to stay there for a long time. We went there with my mom and what a nice weekend we had! A lot of swimming, resting and good food, thank you mom!

On Saturday Alonso visited shortly in the Hämeenlinna Nat show which was held pretty near of our cottage. Result was Junior Class winner with Excellent and CQ and ended up 2nd Best Male with Res.CC Judge was Rune Fagerstöm from Finland.

On Sunday it was Alonso's turn to stay with mom at the summer cottage and we visit on the show with Aili. Aili made it up again!! She was Champion Class winner, Best Bitch and BOS!!

Here is one nice pic that I got from Hannu Heinonen. More of pics from Hämeenlinna will be found in Aili's gallery. Huge thanks again Hannu. BOB was stunning Unita's The King. Breed was judged by Luis Gorjao Henriques from Portugal.

23.6.2013 Rovaniemi Int. at Arctic Circle

Almost traditionally we traveled again for the midsummer-fest to Rovaniemi, Northern Finland. Two days just to relax and enjoying the nature of Lapland and on last day International Show.

Alonso and I also visited at the Santa Claus official office and made some wishes for the next Christmas.

Vikaköngäs was the place were we hiked with the dogs and Lassi also got some salmons!

photo Simo Jyrkinen

And then about the results! Amazing results! Alonso ended up Best Male and Best Of Breed with CC and Cacib!! And then also Aili ended up to Best Bitch and Best Of Breed!! Wou what a team we have, so proud! Judges were Rita Reyniers from Belgium and Jens Martin Hansen from Denmark.

But the pair did not leave it that way..In the group ring Alonso was shortlisted among best five and AILI WON THE GROUP!!!! With the big smile on our faces we drive back to home :) Long way to go but super little vacation again!

16.6.2013 Tromso Int. Norway

Short trip to Northern Norway and WOW what a results we got!

photo Trond Rune Egeli

Alonso was first time in intermediate class so he competed first time about the Cacib. Little man do it how it should and ended up class winner, Best Male and Best Of Breed!! So Alonso got Norwegian CC and Cacib :) Judged by Dagmar Klein from Romania

As Alonso's and Aili's breed rings were absolutely same time I got help with Aili from Sanna Vartiainen. Girls made well together and ended up 2nd Best Bitch with Norwegian CC so our little girl is now also Norwegian Champion!!! Huge thanks Sanna for your professional help! Breed was judged by Per Lundström.

06/2013 BIS WINNER at the Match Shows

As Alonso and I have just started our journey at the show rings we visited first also in five unofficial all breed match shows to train together little bit. And what a winner he became in those!! Some of the match shows also had real FCI show judges to judge so you may assume we are pretty proud of this match show BIS-result list with 15 months old Alonso:

2.6.2013  2nd BEST IN SHOW (Helsinki over 200 dogs)

6.6.2013 BEST IN SHOW (Helsinki over 200 dogs)

9.6.2013 4th BEST IN SHOW (Hyvinkää approx. 50 dogs)

11.6.2013 BEST IN SHOW (Tuusula over 100 dogs)

Librrani's High Performance Alonso, 15 months

photo by Katariina Mertanen

This pic I got to my email after one match show. Took from the BIS podium even if I knew that somebody was taking pics :) Gosh I like our new boy!

05/2013 Welcome to Finland Alonso!!

We are more than happy to introduce our new team member from Denmark!

Librrani's High Performance Alonso 'Alonso' 


photos by Marko Tuominiemi / MyShot

(Ch JCh Ardhub I'm Back With Black x BISS Ch Bullgrin's Here Is Trouble)

DOB 20.2.2012 

Bred by I. & M. Durrani, Librrani's Kennel, Denmark

Owned and loved by Viivi Alaluusua & Imran Durrani/Librrani's kennel & Satu Timlin/Bullgrin's kennel


photos by Librrani

Now some more ring training and we will show this boy in summer shows for sure!

You will find Alonso's own page and link to the photo album HERE!

4.5.2013 Tampere Int.

'Aili' BOS with Cacib!! judge: Barbara Ruth Smith, Sweden

20.-21.4.2013 Mauri finnished his JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS!

Successful trip to Baltic countries: Mauri got two Best Of Breed placements and those made him finnish and get 6 new titles on his name!


21.4. Talsi, Latvia All breed show: BOB JunCAC and BEST IN GROUP 3 !! judge: Carsten Birk, Denmark

22.4. Panevezys, Lithuania All breed show: BOB-Junior JunCAC and BOB ! judge: Regina VaitkunskienÄ—, Lithuania

So our little boy is now called: LTJW-13 Balt EE LV LT RU BY JCh BPIS Librrani's Hey Jude  


photos by Johanna Kuru, Mauri 14 months 4/2013

2.-3.3.2013 Lithuanian Winner'13 and Vilnius Winter Cup'13

Our little guy Mauri worked out super again! Saturday on Vilnius, Lithuanian Winner Show: BPIS Librrani's Hey Jude JunExc1 BOS-Jun BM2 and new LITHUANIAN JUNIOR WINNER 2013!! So proud and happy!

Judge: Juan Naveda Carrero, Spain

On Sunday at Vilnius Cup'13 Int. Show: Mauri was BEST OF BREED -JUNIOR JunCC BM2!! judge: Refef Hadzic. 


CIB CIE BALTW-12 LTW-12 NORD BALT FI DK SE EE LT LV BY RU BY GR Ch Nimik Spanish Eyes 'Aili' results were:

Lithuanian Winner 2013: Champion Class winner with Exc, judge: Anca Giura

Vilnius Cup'13: BEST OF BREED Cacib CC !!!!, judge: Tino Pehar 

photo: Hannu Heinonen

23.-24.2.2013 Minsk International Shows, Belarus

When nothing is not enough..our little longnose got her 15th title last weekend..now also new Belarus Grand Champion :D :D 

Aili was on Saturday 2nd in class and on Sunday class winner BB2 R.Cacib CC.

Mauri was both days JunExc2.

13. & 16.2.2013 Wedding day and Castle Party

This week was probably most memorable ever! We get married and we had most best parties ever! Thank you so much for all our super quests.

From the following link you will find wonderful photos of our Castle Party. Wedding photos are from 'the master' Mikko Marttinen / kuvauksellista.com:

Link to all wedding photos! (click this)



9.2.2013 Tallinn, Estonia, International Show

Amazingly trip to Tallinn with my father. Long walks with dogs, some shopping and time with my dad :) AND most wonderful results!

'Mauri' (BPIS Librrani's Hey Jude) Best Of Breed, BOB-Junior JunCAC WCUP-13 WJCUP-13 BIG4 BIS-Jun4!! What can I say, quite a super day under 1 year old boy :)

and what did our lady:

'Mildred' (CIB* Ch JCh Ardhub Miss Murphin) BB2 Cacib CAC and new Baltian and Estonian Champion!! Happy happy happy. Thanks you Maarja Kalma for the handling of Mildred, super work again!

breed judge: Carlos Fernandez-Renau Glez-Anleo, Spain

group judge: Wilfried Peper, Germany

BIS-jun judge: George Kostopoulos, Greece

All photos are taken by my father Veli Alaluusua. From this LINK you will find more pics from that show.

12.1.2013 Kajaani International Show

Unbeliavable day at Kajaani Int show (3300 entries) for my pack! Best In Group, Double Best Of Breed, Best Of Opposite, First CC and International Champion! Maybe will not forget this trip soon! Thank you Timo Aalto for the whole weekend and for the everything! WE made it!

The youngest participant in the breed ring (10 bullmastiffs), 10 months old Mauri showed himself perfect and ended up until BEST OF BREED for example over the champions.       Mauri: JunExc1 CQ Best Male CAC Best Of Breed and got his first Finnish CAC! Our Mildred had had almost half year break from the shows while we have been waited her time limit from first Cacib filled up. One year time limit was reached at the end of the year 2012 and now in the first show 2013 Mildred made it! Mildred: ChExc1 SQ Best Bitch Cacib Best Of Opposite  and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!! Judge: Vojislav Al Daghistan, Serbia

And in the later of the day it was Aili's turn to work in dachshund ring (23 smooth standard dachshund). Judge was Roberto Schill from Romania. Aili has always love to be at the ring and even cold Kajaani hall did not made difference. That girl make me proud over and over again!

Aili: WcExc1 SQ Best Bitch Best Of Breed and later on the evening BEST IN GROUP!!!!

This pic is from last summer from Kuopio, but I just got it :) Photo: Elena Gendrikova

23.12.2012 Pskov all breeds show, Russia

Aili: ChExc1 BB2 CAC and New Russian Champion! judge: Mrs. T. Alekina, Russia

Mauri: JunExc1 Jun-CAC BM1 Best of Breed and 2ND BEST IN GROUP at the age of 10 months!! judge: Mrs L. Terentjeva, Russia 

photo: Maili Madrus

15.12.2012 Swedish Winner SEW-12

SO proud of  Mauri's result in Stockholm: Vice-Swedish JuniorWinner ;) By the absolute honored specilist judge Bas Bosch and we get amazingly super critic, which I am super super happy and proud! All the others in same class were almost double age of 9,5 months old 'Mauri' boy.

Mauri's bigbrother Librrani's Freestyle Tango was Best of Breed and kennel Librrani BOB-Breeder!

And here are the critics:

Mauri:  'Nice type. Every inch a puppy still. True athlete of excellent size. Well developed head with plenty of stop. Dark eye. Nice wrinkling. Maximum of chin. Nice bone & feet. Sufficient angulation in front. Decent rib for his age. Strong back and loins. Excellent tail set & hind quarters. Lovely condition. Easy going movement with plenty of drive.'

BOB Breeder kennel Librrani: 'First impression: Quality! Second impression: Quality! Third impression: Surprisingly even! Extra mark in terms of quality when this group starts moving!'

8.-9.12.2012 Winner Shows in Finland

In Finnish Winner shows we did not got much worth of mentioning to our home crew. But here are some pics from those shows. All the photos are taken by Olga Mdivani:

Mauri's big sister stunning Librrani's Flashy Fergie rocked on Saturday with the result Best Bitch BOS and New Helsinki Winner 2012! Congrats Tanja and Satu!

One of my top moments during the weekend! Got possibility to join the Tangetoppen's breeders class presentation in Finnish Winner! HUGE thanks and hugs to the Elisabeth Olsen of 2nd BEST IN SHOW breeder! 

12.2012 Xmas gift for Bullgrin's Bullmastiffs

Bullgrin's Bullmastiffs ad at Finnish Breeders Club Annual 2012 !! ♥ SO proud of our team ♥ Love you Satu!

Huge thanks for the ad goes to:

MyShot/Marko Tuominiemi (ad desing)

Sari Kares (annual layout)

Johanna Kuru and Mette Sörensen (pics and inspiration)

24.-25.11.2012 Minsk International Shows, Belarus


Saturday: Class winner with CAC and New Belarus Champion, judge: Andrei Kisliakov, Belarus

Sunday: Class winner with CAC and Best Bitch with Cacib, judge: Kitty Schwab, Luxemburg


Saturday: JunExc1 Jun-CAC 2nd Best Mal,e judge: Boris Chapiro, France

Sunday: JunExc2 judge: xx, Belarus

3.-4.11.2012 MAURI really made it!! Best in show puppy at Nordic Winner!!

What a super weekend we had in Herning, Denmark. Our 'Mauri' 8 months (Librrani's Hey Jude) really made it!! I can now say he is qualified most stunning puppy in the Nordic Countries 2012 ! And what a temperament he has, he ran two meters forward me all the time, I AM SO PROUD! The show was biggest in Denmark this year (over 10 000 entries at the weekend) and there were at least 60 different breed puppies at the bis-ring! Thanks for you support Mette, Imran and Satu, WE MADE IT!


photo: kennel Librrani

BPIS Librrani's Hey Jude 'Mauri'

BOB puppy at Danish Winner Show 2012

BOB and BEST IN SHOW puppy at Nordic Winner Show 2012, with more than 60 different breeds in the ring!

..just love this boy!!

photo Wiegaarden / Maria Schacht

HERE is also the link for the news about Herning Shows at Finnish Kennelclub websites!

and HERE you will find the video of our BIS-Puppy ring!

28.10. Seinäjoki International Show

Big International Shows season continued in Seinäjoki this weekend. We had nice farm accommodation nearby Seinäjoki but on the countryside. Thank you Tanja and Jaana for the nice trip, Mauri loved your little girls Rauha and Elsa! 

Photo MyShot - Marko Tuominiemi

Results for my danish team were again super! Ouh gosh I love their show attitude, danish ones need to have that something in their breastmilk :D

'Mauri' (8 months) was Best Of Breed -puppy, judge Jari Laakso from Finland

Photo MyShot - Marko Tuominiemi

Mauri's critic in Finnish:

''8kk kaunis urospentu, jolla erinomainen pää. Hyvät takakulmaukset, pysty olkavarsi. Kaunis ylälinja, Lupaava rungon tilavuus. Kaunis nuoren pojan pää, jossa erinomainen maski. Runsas purenta. Kauniisti kiinnittyneet korvat. Hyvä otsapenger. Erittäin terveet liikkeet.''

 'Aili' was Best Of Opposite Sex, Best Bitch and got again Cacib !! Aili was only bitch who even got CQ :) Judge was Buvik Anne Livo from Norway.

Aili's critic:

''Well balanced bitch. Feminine head. Could be a little bit stronger in muzzle. Nice neck and shoulder. Well developed chest with lovely forechest. Good bone and feet. Moves well from the side, a little close in front. Lovely coat and color. Good temperament.''

20.10. Turku International Show

Today we started our 'inside show' season and the results from the Turku all breeds International show were pretty nice!

'Mauri' (8 months) was Best Of Breed -puppy and 'Aili' was 2nd Best Bitch with Res-Cacib !!

Thank you Riikka for your super help during the day! Also Mauri's big sister BISS Librrani's Flashy Fergie made great in the ring and became new Finnish & Danish Champion! Congrats Tanja and Satu!

Here are my danish ones critics from Turku:

Mauri (judge Tijana Konrad, Serbia): 

' Head is correct. Bite is correct. Mask is ok. Strong back. Chest deep enough. Good leg angles. Tail well-set and well-carried. Good presentation.'

Aili (judge Marina Ostrovskaya, Russia):

' 5 years old. Feminine, elegant. Excellent format, bone and muscles. Excellent feminine head, eyes and expression. Excellent ears and neck. Good topline. Excellent developed chest and forechest. Excellent angulations. Excellent temperament and presentation. Free movement.'

29.9. All breeds puppy show, Tampere

'Mauri' (7 months) Best Of Breed -puppy at Tampere puppyshow 29.9.2012 judge: Harto Stockmari, Finland

Critic in finnish: ''Ryhdikäs urospentu, jolla oikeat mittasuhteet. Oikeanmuotoinen pää. Hyvä ilme. Hyvin kehittynyt runko. Hyvä raajarakenne ja kulmaukset. Hyvä lihaskunto. Liikkuu hyvällä askeleella joustavasti.''

Photo Kirsi Aalto Whiptails Photography

Major thanks to my mom and kennel Whiptails for the nice companion at Tampere!

22.9. All breeds puppy show, Orivesi

22.9. is Mauri's name day in Finland..and that day really was special for us! Mauri showed himself first time in the all breeds puppyshow. Mauri just reached 7 months age and competed as a youngest dog in the older puppies class. He won the class and became Best Of Breed Puppy by being the only one in the breed who got Honour Price.

And the day was not ended in that. Later in the day we took part in the finals and Mauri really did well. That boy surely knows how to show himself and he ended up of 3rde FCI Group 2!! We were SO proud! Judge was Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari

New cover of our breed club's magazine 3/2012

BISS picture from our Club's Speciality show 2012. Quite nice I think :)

Photo by Johanna Kuru

2.9. Tromso Int. Norway

Photo by Tuija Matoniemi

Quick trip to northern part of Norway. Our Aili was too long, too low legs etc, so not typical dachshund at all for the judges taste :D But good friends and super moments in final rings made the trip worth of it! I get opportunity to handle 9 months old 'Harald' pug (Kingpoint When Doves Cry) TO THE WIN OF GROUP!! 'Harald' is son of amazingly famous pug, Her Highness, Multi CH Multi Winner Tangetoppen's Unbreakabl'News 'Martha Louise'.


Photos by Sofie Vega Wollbraaten

They also trusted my to handle in the BIS-ring own breed's ambassador affenpincher 'Mambo' (Mambo Jambo v Tani Kazari)!!


Photo by Sofie Vega Wollbraaten

 I cannot thank you enough for your trust on me and huge congrats for all your success Ilpo, Tuija, Ari and Sirpa!!

08/2012 One week summerholiday at Gotland, Sweden

Photos by Johanna Kuru

Four years ago we had same kind of Holiday at Gotland with Oili and Aune. This summer most waited week was Gotland trip with Mauri, Mildred and Aili. One week holiday just driving around the island, watching amazingly beautiful nature, visiting in many 'loppis'places, beach walk at the mornings, sheeps, sheeps and sheeps..That island is just so amazing place and really enjoyed our trip again! Huge thanks also to Johanna, Jake and the boys about wonderful companion.

More photos about our trip you can see HERE (no need to log in to fb).


There was also arranged Visby's national and international dog shows. Johanna's Hagrid (Ch All Heroes Giant As Hagrid) went BOB both days and became new Swedish Champion. Mildred did not get further from Champion Class and Aili got CQ both days but best result was Best Bitch 3rd.

Mauri (6 months) was our pack's star at Visby. He was Best Of Breed Puppy both days and was also shortlisted among best ten in both days in huge BIS-puppy final! Little boy get super critics both day, here is the one from the very trusted judge Evgeny Rozenberg (Russia):

'' Good size and type. Good developed for age. Good color and mask. The head strong enough and the muzzle wide enough. Good under jaw and stop. Dark ears with high position. Strong back. Very good front, chest wide enough. Good angulations. Very promising!''

And you can imagine how proud I was when Mauri trotted fast over one meter in front of me the whole huge BIS-ring all the way trough.

Here is the photo from the BIS-ring:

18.8. NEW Baltic Winner 2012!

Baltic Winner 2012 show was this year in Estonia and we decided to have short visit to Tallinn with Aili. I have not visit there many times without the car, but this trip I decided to made quick and cheap way. I traveled only with Aili, slept in my good friend Maili's home and after show we take immediately ferry back to Finland. 

Trip was worth of it and Aili got new title!

Best of Opposite Sex, Best Bitch, Champion Class winner and NEW BALTIC WINNER 2012 !

Competition was hard and there where against us the best dogs from Finland. Judge was Walter van den Broeck from Belgium. Photos Anu Hämäläinen. 



Nice weather, nice companion, nice results and super Aili !

3.-5.8. SawoShow2012 Three International all breeds show at Kuopio


3.8. 1st in Champion Class Exc1 SA, Best Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex with Cacib (judge Manuel Loureiro Borger, Portugal)

4.8. 1st in Champion Class Exc1 SA, 3rd Best Bitch (judge Marja Talvitie, Finland)

5.8. 1st in Champion Class Exc1 SA, Best Bitch and BEST OF BREED with Cacib !! (judge Antonio Di Lorenzo, Italy)


3.8. 1st in Champion Class Exc1 SA, 2nd Best Bitch (judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain)

4.8. 1st in Champion Class Exc1 SA, 4th Best Bitch (judge Kurt Nilsson, Sweden)

handled beautifully by Juulia Salonen

28.7. Team Bullgrins really rocked on Finnish Moloss breeds Speciality show 2012 (76 bullmastiffs)

breedjudge: Jose Salvador Martinez, Spain

BIS-judge Sergio Gual Fournier, Spain

(photo Johanna Kuru)

'Riski' (BISS CIB Ch Bullgrin's Hold The Tiger) Best Of Breed & BEST IN SHOW !!

'Molla' (CIB* Ch Bullgrin's Hypnose) Best Of Opposite Sex !!

'Molly' (Bullgrin's Miss Muddy Paws) BOS-junior !!

And the rest of the gang did great too, everyone got at least class placement !

(photo Svetlana Masalskikh)

Our little 'Mauri' (Librrani's Hey Jude) went until 2nd Best Baby in his first show at the age of 5 months.

Major thanks to whole our group and amazingly huge hug for the one and only, breeder Satu Timlin ! Thank you all for trusting me in handling with Mauri, Toivo, Angus, Bram, Riski and Etta!

22.7. Team All Heroes day at Mäntsälä all breeds show

Last Sunday I had nice day at Mäntsälä all breeds show. I was there helping the Team All Heroes Bullmastiffs, bred by Johanna Kuru. Judge for the bullmastiffs was really highly considered specialist Elina Haapaniemi from Finland. And the success was amazing!

Toivo (All Heroes Mr Smee) 10 months and me first time together in the ring (all photos by Toivo's owner Susanna Sillanpää)

Toivo JunExc2

Here are also two short videolinks about me and Toivo moving in the ring (videos by Susanna and Johanna):

Part 1

Part 2

I also get change to help Johanna in the Best Of Breed ring.

Best of Breed was an amazing bitch CH All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster 'Aada' and the Best Of Opposite Sex was Johanna's 'golden boy' CH All Heroes Giant As Hagrid 'Hagrid'. In the group final Aada was also shortlisted among best 6 by the judge Soile Bister from Finland!

Thank you so much both Johanna and Susanna for trusting me with this super fellows! And many many congrats once more for the huge success!

21.7. Sunny day at Suomenlinna

Suomenlinna is a historical maritime fortress and one of Finland's most popular sight. It is nice place to visit on sunny summer days and also good place for young dogs to learn to stay with lot of peoples etc. We traveled there by train and ferry, and also visited in the Helsinki's biggest marketplace, Kauppatori, to get even more training to our puppies. In Suomenlinna we had all day long picnic with some of our dog friends. Thank you Riikka Reikko, Marinka Ashworth, Henni Lehtiranta and little boys Arttu and Miska for the super relaxed and funny day! Need to do this again, absoloutely! (all the photos by Riikka Reikko)

Marinka, Arttu and Mauri

Mauri, Tempo, Maggie and Sauli

18.7. Our danish stars at the Match Show

What a fantastic trip to Helsinki Match Show!! 

36 big size breed puppies (age under 1 year) and Mauri was 3rd!! At his first 'show' ! I am SO SO proud of our little boy who was probably the youngest of the whole competition!

There where also 60 small size breed adults and Aili took 2nd place of all them! What can I say, I really love our new danish show stars!!

Thank you friends for the nice sunny evening with our lovely buddies! Riikka, need to do this again! Meri, the cake was amazingly delicious! Toni and NooraSolo totally melt my heart, those movements <3 <3 And Susanna, I think we have good strategy for the future ;)

Thank you Nina Sinervo for nice surprise photo of Mauri and me!

17.7. New video of Mauri

We have just published a new youtube video of Mauri. Mauri is there almost 5 months of age.

You will find all the video links from Mauri's own page under the page 'Four Legged Dudes'.

14.7. Forssa all breeds show, Two Best Of Breeds!!

We had again super day at Forssa!! I bring two dogs to the show and got two Best Of Breeds!!

Aili Winner of Champion Class, Best Bitch and Best Of Breed !! Judge Anne Sume, Estonia

Mildred Winner of Champion Class, Best Bitch and Best Of Breed !! Judge Rune Fagerström, Finland

In the breed ring Mildred was professionally handled by my friend  Juulia Salonen (kennel Chenespace) and in the group final ring she was handled by her trusted handler Timo Aalto (kennel Whiptails). Timo made us proud again, Mildred was shortlisted among 6 best of the group by the molossbreeds specialist judge Giuseppe Alessandra, Italy!

8.7. Karjaa Int.

Aili Champion Class winner with Exc1 CQ, Best Bitch 4th

judge Natalja Nekrosiene

30.6. Kuvauksellista!

photos by Mikko Marttinen, kuvauksellista.com

Mildred 2 years

Mauri 4 months

30.6.-1.7.2012 Water, fun and super results from Laukaa!

Last weekend we spent at Laukaa all breed show. We stay the weekend at the Varjola 'A House Full Of Old-time Hospitality'. That place really was amazing! Nice rooms, perfect breakfast and nice activities also. At Saturday evening we attended to river adventure which included activities like crossing the rapids with cable wire, landing with rope from the bridge, walking on the cord above rapids and whitewater rafting! It was so fun!! Thanks to Maiju and Mikko for sharing this activities with us :) Check this out: www.varjola.com

At the shows we show Aili on Saturday and Mildred on Sunday. Mildred was professionally handled by my friend Juulia Salonen.

(photo Anu Hämäläinen)

And the results are:

Aili: Winner of Champion Class, Best Bitch and BOS !!

Aili was only bitch who got CQ. In males judge give only two CQ and BOB + BIG-1 was super handsome MultiCh MultiW Hampdach Black is Back. Judge was breedspecialist Dimitris Antonopoulos from Creece.

Mildred also rocked out at the bullmastiffs with Juulia! Mildred result was Winner of Champion Class, Best Bitch and Best Of Breed !! Judge was Irina Poletaeva. Major thanks to Juulia about  the super help!

25.6.2012 Midsummer holidays in Finland and new video uploaded!

On friday it was nice sunny weather and we decided to try to upload our first youtube video. In the following link you will see Mauri's first showtrainingsession in our garden at the age of 4 months :) Still more to learn, but he really is super fast learning!

-Link to Mauri's youtube video-

This holiday we spent mostly be resting and checking new forest routes with our pack. In this mobile pic we are in Nuuksio, national park which starts about 2 km from our home. In the pic Mildred, Lassi, Mauri and Aili. So this weekend was vacation from the shows..next weekend again new plans and also some water fun with good friends!

9.6.2012 SUPER day at Riga International show !!

photo: Johanna Kuru

Top moments of my SUPER day at Riga Int. show in Latvia: Mildred; BOS, Cacib, Qualification for Qrufts 2013 and CAC
-> Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish Champion!!..and got her 3rd countrys Cacib ♥

Most biggest thanks to my dear friend Timo Aalto for handling my girl SO well again ♥
judge: Mariano di Chicco, Italy

Aili also got CAC and with that became Latvian and Baltian Champion!! Little Bonita was 'too young to show' and got VG :)

11.5.2012 Little man came, welcome Mauri Antero!

Our team has got first boy member, Librrani's Hey Jude aka Mauri Antero came today from Denmark. We are over the moon to have him here, it is so great to have all best three bullmastiff breeders ideas in the same packet! Thank you Librrani's, Ardhub and ofcourse Mauri's owner Bullgrin's :) We are really waiting the future with this stunning boy :) Thank you Librrani's for trusting me this absolutely best puppy!

Mauri's mom BISS CH Bullgrin's Here Is Trouble 'Trouble' :

Mauri's dad CH JCH Ardhub Im Back With Black 'Bram' :

Mauri 12 weeks at Muistola:

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